October 15, 2012
Nietzsche von Hayek

The “economic motive,” writes Hayek in The Road to Serfdom, is “the desire for power to achieve unspecified ends.” Money, he adds, is “the medium through which a force [the economic motive] makes itself felt.”

Also, while we’re on the subject of Nietzsche and Hayek, there’s this:

Nietzsche: “When a worker says to a wealthy manufacturer, ‘you do not deserve your happiness,’ he is correct; his conclusions from that, however, are false. No one deserves his happiness, no one his unhappiness.”

Hayek: “In a free system it is neither desirable nor practicable that material rewards should be made generally to correspond to what men recognize as merit…it is an essential characteristic of a free society that an individual’s position should not necessarily depend on the views that his fellows hold about the merit he has acquired….the value which a person’s capacities or serves have for us and for which he is recompensed has little relation to anything that we can call moral merit or deserts.”

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