November 1, 2012
A Modest Proposal

Apparently there has been some looting of abandoned buildings in the wake of Sandy. Democratic City Councilwoman Christine Quinn, who is also running for mayor, wants to go all Rambo on the looters.

They really shouldn’t prey on their neighbors in these worst of times and anyone who is caught looting during this storm should have the book thrown at them in a way that is extreme,” Ms. Quinn said.

Ms. Quinn went on to detail the specific penalties she thinks looters should suffer.

“I would quite frankly say, you know, don’t even give them bail. Make them sit inside until the storm is totally gone and the power is over. That’ll teach you a lesson the next time the power goes out, because this is serious.”

Good idea. And while we’re at it: how about all Wall Street looters be held without bail until capitalism is over too?

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