November 11, 2012
Nietzsche on the danger of voting rights

From Human, All Too Human (section 450):

…one is now supposed to learn…that government is nothing but an organ of the people and not a provident, venerable “above” in relation to a diffident “below.” Before one accepts this hitherto unhistorical and arbitrary, if nonetheless more logical assertion of the concept government, one might be advised to consider the consequences: for the relationship between people and government is the most pervasive ideal relationship upon which commerce between teacher and pupil, lord and servants, father and family, general and soldier, master and apprentice have unconsciously been modelled. All these relationships are now, under the influence of the dominant constitutional form of government, altering their shape a little: they are becoming compromises. But how greatly they will change and be displaced, exchange their name and nature, when that latest concept has conquered minds everywhere! — for which, however, it may well take another century. In this matter nothing is moredesirable than caution and slow evolution.

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