October 28, 2012
Even More Nietzsche von Hayek


A higher culture can come into existence only where there are two different castes in society: that of the workers and that of the idle, of those capable of true leisure; or, expressed more vigorously: the caste compelled to work and the caste that works if it wants to. (Human, All Too Human, §439)


…only from an advanced position does the next range of desires and possibilities become visible, so that the selection of new goals and the effort toward their achievement will begin long before the majority can strive for them….it is necessary that the developments that will bear fruit for the masses in twenty or fifty years’ time should be guided by the views of people who are already in the position of enjoying them.

What today may seem extravagance or even waste, because it is enjoyed by the few and even undreamed of by the masses, is payment for the experimentation with a style of living that will eventually be available to the many. The range of what will be tried and later developed, the fund of experience that will become available to all, is greatly extended by the unequal distribution of present benefits… (Constitution of Liberty, pp. 97-98)


The noble type of man experiences itself as determining values…it is value-creating. (Beyond Good and Evil, §260)

October 10, 2012
I Was For It Before I Was Against It

Reading this passage from Hayek in the wake of the CTU strike was…odd.

In few other areas are progressives so little willing to consider the reasonableness of any particular measure but generally ask only whether it is “for or against unions” or, as it is usually put, “for or against labor.”

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